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Are you losing sleep at night worrying about your personal tax problems?  Do you have business tax issues that may cause you to have to close the business? Do you want to become current with your taxes? 

We can provide solutions to help you with your Tax Problems. For these, and other tax issues, you can rely upon us to eliminate the threat, and make the issue easier to resolve. Do you need an IRS Attorney?

Please contact us today to discuss the following issues:

  • Unfiled Back Taxes. As an IRS Attorney, We can help you get current with your unfiled tax returns and back taxes. As part of these services we can also obtain full or partial penalty relief to help lower the tax debt you owe.
  • Unpaid Employer Payroll Taxes. If you made the mistake of not paying all your payroll taxes, we can help by creating a payment plan or settling with NYS or the IRS by submitting an offer in compromise.
  • Tax Evasion Defense. We can help show the IRS or New York State that no tax crime was committed.
  • IRS Tax Liens and Levy’s. We can help get the IRS liens removed, or stopping the IRS & NYS from taking of your bank assets or wages.
  • Tax Audit Assistance. Whether its an income or sales tax audit, we can assist in limiting the financial impact you face.
  • IRS and New York State Tax Payment Plans. We can create an affordable tax payment plans that help reduce the amount you owe.
  • Tax Settlements. We can assist you by filing an offer in compromise to reduce your tax debt and settle for an affordable amount.